You are the company you keep

(So let’s keep each other company)

A&Co is an informal network of Fraser Valley based individuals working to build our community by building each other up. Many of us own small businesses. Others work in large organizations or in the public sector. The common thread in this network is a desire to pour energy into each another, building momentum for the positive developments each member is driving.

In 2015 a group of friends (mostly younger business owners and community leaders) began getting together without any agenda in particular. There were complementarities and common goals between their businesses and organizations, certainly. But the intention was, more or less, to simply hang out, encourage one another, and brainstorm great ideas for making the community more amazing. More like-minded people were invited to hang out and that’s how the group has grown, and continues to grow.

We recognize that our community is changing and we’re all for it. We want to help each other drive change that is as positive as possible.

We are all the company we keep, so let’s:

keep each other networked
keep each other motivated
keep each other growing
keep each other informed
keep each other encouraged